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Hand Feed Native Dolphins at Tin Can Bay

Tin Can Bay is one of the few places where you can feed the rare Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins.

Hand Feeding Wild Indo-Pacific Dolphins at Tin Can Bay.


After a relaxing overnight stay at our very comfortable bed and breakfast accommodation, a visit to enjoy hand-feeding wild dolphins at Tin Can Bay makes for a tremendous experience. The Tin Can Bay dolphins generally arrive at the boat ramp at Norman Point between 7.00am and 10.00am and feeding begins at 8.00am. As Rossmount Bed and Breakfast is only 25 minutes from Tin Can Bay, you can enjoy a leisurely start to your day and easily arrive at Tin Can Bay in time to feed the dolphins.

The Dolphin Story

The Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins have been visiting and interacting with residents and visitors of Tin Can Bay for 30 years. It all began with “Scarry” nicknamed due to the numerous rough edges along her dorsal and tail fins visiting the Tin Can Bay inlet. “Scarry” appeared with a young male dolphin, Mystique, believed to be her youngest surviving offspring.

“Scarry” has not been seen since early 2003 but her son Mystique and girlfriend “Patch” still come in to observe humans and be hand fed. The place to watch and participate in this unique experience is next to the Norman Point boat ramp.

Rossmount Location Map
Rossmount Location Map
Map showing Location of Dolphin Feeding at Tin Can Bay.
Tin Can Bay Map - Dolphins at Boat Ramp

on Arrival at Tin Can Bay, follow the main road (Gympie Road) through the middle of town until the end of the road which is Norman Point.

On Arrival at Norman Point, park in one of the car parking areas and walk to the boat ramp where the dolphins arrive between 7.00am and 10.00am to meet their human visitors.

Stay at Rossmount Rural Retreat to visit Tin Can Bay and Hand Feed to Wild Dolphins.